Giving your skin the gift of time

I wanted to share with you some information regarding how long you need to leave in between treatments for semi-permanent makeup. This includes permanent makeup, microblading, micro pigmentation; anything that is implanting pigment into your skin to add symmetry, definition and colour to your eyebrows, eyeliner or lips.

skin the gift of time

Although skin can looked healed after 3-7 days, this is only the epidermis and not the dermal layer – the layer that the pigment is inserted into.
The body still needs to repair broken blood vessels and damaged tissues which may start approximately 5 days into the wound healing process but will continue for about 3-4 weeks.

It is imperative that you do not have any more treatment over the area in that time. As we can’t see the tissues to and each person will differ with their healing time due to age, medication, lifestyle, dietary habits it is important to leave the minimum of 4 weeks. I will often leave 6-8 weeks between treatments as I have noticed that the pigment can take longer to come to the surface and it is better to treat the true picture.

Using a balm that your technician gives you is imperative to the healing process. The balm will act as a barrier to infection, but also will hydrate the wound stimulating the healing process. The balm will need to be applied after washing your hands, and using a clean cotton bud to administer it, a different cotton bud for each brow so as not to spread any bacteria.

If you follow these guidelines your skin will regenerate itself ready for your retouch, and over the years will remain healthy and able to absorb pigment for an easy, no effort, beautiful way to look your best.


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