Don’t suffer in silence – Medical Tattooing may be a solution


Many women are suffering in silence about hair loss and thinning hair. After an emotional trauma or a physical accident, the stress can lead to hair falling out leaving much thinner hair, and sometimes patchiness. Other times the aging process will lead to a thinning of the hairline around the temples. These have previously been areas that women feel they can do nothing about.

However, now Medical Tattooing can offer a density solution that is permanent and painless. By adding follicle replication with ink into the thinning areas it will visually look as if the hair is thicker in those areas. The level of self confidence that comes as a result of this treatment has been remarkable.

“Dear Rae, I cannot day how happy I am since having treatment with you. Every time I look in the mirror my stomach used to drop with dread at how bald I was starting to look. Before meeting with you I had not realised that anything could be done for this type of problem. After 2 sessions I no longer dread looking in the mirror. In fact, the reason I wanted to write is because for the first time in many years, I looked in the mirror this morning and just didn’t think about my hair. That was such a shock to me. It had been playing on my mind for the last 4-5 years and it was causing me such anxiety. For me to. It think about it feels like a miracle. I never thought I could get to this place. Thank you.”

Your crowning glory

Hair is often referred to as your ‘crowning glory’ and is a key part of our identity. But sometimes hair loss can occur from an early age, for a variety of reasons, resulting in baldness, thinning hair or scarring on the scalp, eyebrow or around the eye.

The psychological effect of many visible differences can cause anxiety that in turn can lead to depression, social exclusivity, lack of direction, employment and relationships. Medical Tattooing is not a quick fix, it can take time and patience, and does not get rid of the problem, but, if the visible difference is reduced to a level that the patient doesn’t think or worry about it anymore, the impact that can make on the rest of their lives is dramatic. We live in a society where looks are important and judgement are made from these. Having confidence in yourself and holding yourself in high regard is personal and can stem from many different aspects. Being contented with the way you look goes a long way to a level of psychological contentment.

At Rae Denman your full and long term health is very important and I work with a team of people to endure you get the best treatment.

If you’re feeling at a loss, there is an effective solution to lack of hair on brows, lash line and scalp. Get in touch now for a consultation with Rae Denman

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