Are you looking for a Practitioner Medical Tattooist or Permanent Makeup Artist?

Do you know what it is you are looking for? Do you know what your expectations are? When you go for a consultation, do you choose the practitioner on locality or finances?


“Hi Rae,
I wanted to thank you for speaking with me, it played a part in my decision to admit myself to psychiatric care. You’re in a unique position to help people in a vulnerable time in their life, and I’m glad you had the moral tenacity to do so. A lot of others wouldn’t. I wish that more people in the world had an aptitude and attitude like yours. You helped me realize that my predicament was one cause of my problem, and that getting to the root of the issue would be much more beneficial to me at this time. Thanks again for being such a great individual.
Best regards”


looking for a Practitioner


When searching the internet for services or treatments you have to take pot luck with what comes up first. You can check out a few websites, ask a few questions, but still, you’re left in the hands of chance.


People always say when looking for a local builder or estate agent, to get three quotes and then make your decision. When you are talking about something far more important, your face or your body, and thinking of permanent solutions, think hard, and think again. After noticing that a third of my patients are coming to me for ‘Correctional procedures’, I started asking questions. Why did they go to the original practitioner? Why did they choose that particular person?


More often than not, it came down to finances and locality. Yes, if you knew you were buying something and you could get it cheaper and closer to home, sure, I would agree. But here we are talking about a service. It is not guaranteed. You cannot tell the experience or the quality of someones work until you have seen it first hand.


Go and see three different practitioners. Yes, sometimes the consultation is charged for. Yes, sometimes you want the results quickly and this takes time. Yes, sometimes it is far easier to just go with a good website.




I see the consequences of this. I see young women who have paid for permanent eyebrows, and now have to live with big, fat, dark brows across their forehead that they hate. I see young men with scalps full of scars from hair transplants, laser work, bad scalp pigmentation. I see older ladies who have had areolatattooing that are purple, or in the wrong place.

Not only have they spent money, they now have to live with the consequences. And they now have to spend more money getting the corrective techniques done. And more time, much more time. One year after getting big, bold, black brows that were a totally unsuitable shape and colour, my patient is still having Remoov treatments. She’s nearing the end, when she will still have to wait for healing, and pay to have brows tattooed on properly this time.


13 years down the line for a young man who nobody has advised properly but he’s spent a fortune trying to gain the look he wanted on his scalp.


This isn’t really even about time or money. For me, it’s about the emotional impact this has on patients. On people. They come to see me and they are weighed down with regret, lack of confidence in their own decision making, lack of confidence in their appearance.


if you’re not quite sure, or think you know but need some advice, make sure you take a friend to the consultation with you. Your friend will remember the issues you have spoken about over the years. They will listen to aspects of the consultation that you may forget. They can write down information for you. And see three practitioners. Meet them all. Talk to them all. Find out where they’re coming from, and whether they understand your needs. Find out if they think its realistic. Look at some photos of their work – not always the best decision making tools as photoshop can work wonders for people if they choose to use it.



Take time. Another few weeks, few months, or even a few years can honestly save you time in the long run. Realise that you can live with yourself the way that you are. And then, if you still want a change, which is your prerogative, make an informed, considered and grounded decision. Talk to your practitioner if you are not happy with the way the treatment is going. Talk to them if you are unsure of anything. A good practitioner that cares about people will want the feedback. They will want to get it right. And they will want you to be happy with the results.

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