Combination Medical Tattooing and Semi Permanent Makeup

Combination Medical Tattooing and Semi Permanent Makeup

Combination treatments are the new way to go with medical tattooing and semi-permanent makeup.



As Aristotle said, ‘The whole is greater than the sum of the parts.’


The main combination treatments that I work with are:


1.Facial port wine stains camouflage with permanent makeup for particular facial features.


2.Cleft lip cupids bow and symmetry enhancement with micro needling for surrounding scar tissue.


3. Eyebrow tattooing for loss of brow hair with scalp density treatment for frontal and/or temporal hairline.



Facial port wine treatments can be inspirational for people that are very concerned with the visibility of their port wine stain (PWS). After living with it from birth, the impact of a lack of confidence can often result in their emotional, social and work life also being affected.
Camouflage tattoo treatments (medical tattooing / micropigmentation / camouflage) can help by visually reducing the impact of the deep red colour of the PWS, by tattooing skin coloured pigment into the PWS and matching it to the surrounding skin colour. To really fully enhance this treatment, for women (and some men) I add permanent makeup into their treatment schedule. I will work out a bespoke schedule of treatments that will not only camouflage the PWS and reduce its visibility, but also highlight features of their face that they are happy with. This can be by enhancing the colour and adding symmetry to their brows; defining their eyes with subtle eyeliner; adding symmetry and colour and shape to their lips. These treatments can be as subtle or as defining as that persons natural style. It can be made to look as natural as possible, or it can look like makeup, and a full range of applications in between.

Brow Ready


The main thing to remember is that if you want to conceal something, sometimes the best way to do that is by distracting the eye away from it. Making the most of the other facial features so they grab attention to the eyes or the lips, pulling the focus away from the port wine stain.


For patients of mine that have had cleft palate/ hair lip surgery the results of their surgery can be amazing. What they can’t do is add the final touch of colour and a cupids bow. Adding a cupids bow to lips and adding symmetry to the vermillion lip line can enhance lips dramatically. For patients with cleft lip, they will have scars surrounding their nose and lip area from the numerous surgeries they will have had as a child. By micro needling the scarring as part of the overall treatment, it can visually and structurally improve the scar tissue. Loosening scar tissue will also give added mobility to the area. By stimulating the collagen with micro needling it can plump up an indented scar, or relax a hypertrophic scar (a raised scar). Making the most of the lips by adding a hint of colour and a cupids bow will also distract your eyes away from the scarring towards to lips. If the scarring is hypo-pigmented (paler than the surrounding skin), a small amount of skin coloured pigment can be implanted in to the scar tissue.


Combination Medical Tattooing and Semi Permanent Makeup


Eyebrow tattooing (permanent makeup / semipermanent makeup / microblading) is on the rise with people of all ages wanting their brows to be more defined, a nicer shape and a more enhancing colour. Many of these people, regardless of their age will also have some form of hairloss or frontal alopecia or just natural hair thinning that they do not know how to deal with. It can make some people very self conscious and cause a great deal of psychological damage. After speaking about the issues that concern them, a treatment plan that includes eyebrows and scalp density work can will be the best plan of action. The eyebrows and the scalp can be done within the same sessions and time frame. There is no downtime to either of these treatments.


The use of anesthetic for the brows means this is a minimal to no pain treatment, and the scalp does not even need anesthetic being a totally pain free treatment.

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